VII. Expert Committee

Innovative technologies – Hot Shit

Chair: Stefan Groß, PSP
Vice Chairmen: Thomas Hoppe (Schwarz-Gruppe), Heiko Höbbel (KPMG)



Mission: The main task of Expert Committee VII is to monitor technological developments and evaluate possible applications in the taxation process. These include technologies and techniques such as Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Data Analytics, Process Mining, Robotics Process Automation or Cloud Computing.


Focal points: Expert Committee VII actively seeks to share experiences with stakeholders in the areas of tax tech, accounting, auditing, and legal tech. The expert committee monitors technical trends and establishes or maintains networks with stakeholders of the respective technologies and vendors. Special attention will be paid to promising developments and technologies in the “start-up environment”. Accordingly, a close exchange with such start-ups and other incubators is also sought. In order to determine the applicability of innovative technologies in the tax context, the Expert Committee supports and accompanies research projects and cooperations with universities. It also serves as a point of contact for the other expert committees and supports them with findings on the applicability and maturity of new technologies to the respective field of work. In addition, an exchange with the tax authorities on the use of new technologies in the taxation process is being sought.