200th Member enrolled: IDSt continues on a growth path


We welcome the Bavarian State Office for Taxes as our new and 200th member! IDSt, which celebrated its second anniversary in March 2023, continues to experience steady growth in its third year since its establishment.

As an open platform, IDSt addresses all aspects of digitalization in tax law. Our work is built upon a diverse membership base that includes industry, retail, banking and insurance sectors, crafts, tax consultancy, software providers, agriculture, representatives from academia, tax courts, and tax administration.

With the inclusion of the Bavarian State Office for Taxes, one of the key players and drivers of digitalization among German tax authorities, our membership structure becomes even more diverse. As the first governmental institution among our institutional members, the Bavarian State Office for Taxes will undoubtedly bring a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities of digitalizing tax law, aligning with the core objectives of our institute. We are excited about this addition and look forward to collaborating within IDSt!

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