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Application by the CDU/CSU parliamentary group to include the expertise of IDSt in digitization projects in tax law

The project “Coordinated New Software Development of the Tax Administration” (KONSENS) is the nationwide project for digitalization in the tax administration. However, KONSENS is reaching its limits due to changes in the law and new professional requirements and sometimes shows deficits. According to the members of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, “IT-friendly tax law” is needed to meet the requirements arising from ongoing developments and to continue to drive digitization forward.

This can only be successful if it is based on tax laws that are suitable for digitization. The parliamentary group is therefore calling for IT implementation to be identified separately as early as the tax legislation stage and for the digitization of tax administration in general to be driven forward. It also requests the German Bundestag to obtain IDSt’s expertise when implementing digitization projects.




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