VIII. Expert Committee

Education and Training

Chair: Prof. Dr. Thomas Egner, University of Bamberg
Vice Chairman: Dietmar Gegusch (Deloitte)


Mission: The core tasks of this expert committee are the creation of competence profiles and the basic knowledge transfer for tax experts in companies, tax advisory and law firms, taking into account the requirements from digitalisation in the tax area. It pursues the goal of establishing this in the training of tax experts.


Focal points: Linked to digitalisation in the tax area is an expansion of the required competences. A strong process and technology orientation of tax advisory activities also leads to a change in the requirement profile for tax experts without technical education and training. Therefore, recommendations for basic digital knowledge should be developed from the requirements of practice (e.g. teaching agile working methods such as SCRUM, KANBAN, etc.). In doing so, a different depth of digital knowledge is to be defined on the basis of different profile types. These competence profiles must be continuously developed. In addition, concrete education and training goals should be formulated in cooperation with the training providers that lead to these competencies. For example, it must be clarified which activities at the interface between digitalisation and tax advice should be reserved tasks within the meaning of the Tax Advisory.