IDSt creates a TaxTech glossary for the tax sector

Having addressed the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in tax in a white paper, our FA VII’s latest publication is devoted to the broad topic of Tax Technology, of which AI is just one area. This is done in a glossary that explains essential technologies and techniques that are already being used in the tax environment to fulfill the tax function more efficiently, or are to be used increasingly in the future.

The glossary provides interested practitioners, as well as decision-makers in politics and administration, a good overview of the relevance and maturity of the various technologies. In addition to a brief explanation of the terms, the overall application possibilities are named and concrete tax-related use cases are shown. With the IDSt maturity level, the authors provide an assessment of the development progress in terms of applicability in the tax environment. The IDSt relevance additionally shows the current and future importance of the technology in the tax environment.

In doing so, we hope to provide more clarity into the meaning of the different technologies in tax law and to constructively accompany the discourse for their future use.


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