Statement on the government draft of the so-called "Wachstumschancengesetz"


With date of September 28, 2023, IDSt submits its supplementary statement on the government draft of the “Act to strengthen growth opportunities, investments and innovations as well as tax simplification and tax fairness”, in short Growth Opportunities Act.

IDSt criticizes the planned discontinuation of the tax recognition of existing electronic data exchange structures such as, in particular, UN/EDIFACT invoices as of 31.12.2027. This will destroy investments made and lead to considerable conversion costs in the economy. Therefore, IDSt calls on the legislator to recognize the EDI standards used so far without any time limit and to adapt the draft law accordingly in order to allow companies more flexibility in choosing their invoice standards. In this context, IDSt emphasizes that the isolated restriction to the EN 16931 standard does not provide additional fraud protection and could put Germany at a disadvantage compared to other EU member states.

The complete IDSt statement on the RegE is available for download below.



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