Study "Digitization of the tax function in small and medium-sized enterprises"


A study prepared by our founding member Ebner-Stolz in cooperation with F.A.Z. Business Media examines the degree of digitalization of the tax function of medium-sized companies. More than 120 medium-sized companies were surveyed for this purpose. 90 percent of the companies have already started digitizing their tax function; however, there is still considerable room for improvement.


The main drivers of digitization are the constantly growing flood of data, which must be made manageable and usable for tax departments, but also the increasing pressure from legislators to implement digital solutions required by regulations at relatively short notice. Medium-sized companies are also increasingly turning to Tax CMS. The empirical part of the study shows how the companies are positioned technically.


The study is rounded off by four in-depth interviews with tax managers in which practical aspects related to digital transformation are discussed.


You are welcome to view the study results here or download the entire study here.

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