"Tax Law Technology Center" founded at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration under the leadership of IDSt board member Prof. Dr. Robert Risse

Tax Law Technology has become one of the most relevant and challenging topics in the global tax and customs law environment. With the ever-advancing transformation of financial processes, as well as the increasing interest of tax authorities, multinational corporations and tax advisors in the global economy, the importance of tax law technology has risen to a level that enables more and more practical applications. It is important that the aforementioned actors interact with each other on this “transformation journey” in terms of common solutions.

Supporting this interaction is the goal of the WUTLTC, led by IDSt board member Prof. Dr. Robert Risse. The Center’s thematic areas rest on three pillars – research, debate, and teaching.

The center researches and analyzes topics and applications of Tax Law Technology. This involves summarizing key findings in publications and commenting on the work of international organizations. In addition, the WUTLTC discusses – also in the context of self-organized international conferences and events – among other things tax law technologies and their application, use cases and business cases.


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